What is a Body Lift?

A body lift is a combination of multiple surgical procedures done to address several areas of interest after significant weight loss either through bariatric surgical procedure or weight loss program. If you have lost a considerable amount of weight, and have loose, sagging skin or want to improve the contours of your body, you might benefit from this procedure. When considering a multiple procedure approach to address skin laxity, it is important to know whether the desired results are anterior or circumferential.

Often patients are seeking better improvement in the appearance of several areas of loose or lax skin.

The combination of procedures may include:

These are the most commonly performed. However, other areas can be addressed and the addition of liposuction would assist in refinement of the desired body contour.

What to expect from surgery?

After any surgical procedure, it is recommended that patients wear their compression garments 24/7 for 3 weeks (except when showering or washing the garment) and then for an additional 3 weeks (only during the day or when active).

Bruising is can be extensive after large surgical procedures. At about the third day after surgery, expect the area to be a deep purple, which will travel with gravity outside of the surgical area and be noticeable for 3-6 weeks.

Possible complications from surgery

Complications with brachioplasty include but not limited to seroma, paresthesias (numbness) of the arm and wound formation. Although these complications are rare in comparison to other body contouring procedures, they remain a source of morbidity if they occur.