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10 Mar

The Benefits of HydraFacial®

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  The advanced skincare treatment, HydraFacial®, is quickly rising in popularity in the Orlando area. When skin is dry and irritated, it can increase the visible signs of aging. This breakthrough treatment offers hydration to aging skin, helping to improve the overall appearance of your complexion. What is HydraFacial®? HydraFacial® is a multi-step treatment to


01 Mar

The HydraFacial: What to Expect

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The HydraFacial MD treatment is causing a lot of buzz, and with an array of benefits, it’s no wonder why. This treatment boasts no downtime, no discomfort, and immediate results. Plus, one treatment is quick, only taking 30 minutes. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not, and is offered at Orlando Plastic Surgery